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Elevate your living space with Blue Apple Design & Build, your ultimate destination for seamless house extensions, renovations, and new builds. As your all-in-one design and build solution, Blue Apple ensures a hassle-free journey from the initial consultation to the realisation of your dream home. Unlock the true potential of your living spaces with Blue Apple’s innovative approach to home improvement.

Blue Apple Design & Build believes in making the most of every inch of your space. Whether it’s remodeling an existing loft or identifying the potential in seemingly unusable spaces, our team adds functional and aesthetic elements to enhance your lifestyle.

What sets Blue Apple apart is our ability to provide a comprehensive suite of services all under one roof. From architectural planning and building regulations to planning permissions, we take care of every aspect of your project.

Blue Apple Design & Build specialises in a range of services, including:

  • House Extensions (where we seamlessly expand your living space to meet your evolving needs)
  • Architectural Design (ensures that your home is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, reflecting your unique style)
  • Planning Applications (We handle the intricate process, ensuring all necessary approvals are obtained smoothly)
  • Contracting (guarantees a streamlined construction phase, managed with precision and attention to detail)
  • Interior Design (bringing a touch of sophistication and personalized flair to every corner of your home)

Blue Apple’s expert team also employs smart strategies to infuse your home with an abundance of natural light, creating an inviting and airy atmosphere.

Choose Blue Apple Design & Build for a transformative experience that brings your dream home to life effortlessly. Upgrade your living space with style, functionality, and a touch of brilliance – because your home deserves nothing less.

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