Calicut Medical College Alumni UK set to embark on luxurious cruise for Annual Meet

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MSC Grandiosa

The Calicut Medical College Alumni UK (CMCAUK) is gearing up for its highly anticipated annual family meet, which is scheduled to unfold on the luxurious MSC Grandiosa cruise ship. This exquisite event will take place from August 24th to 26th, 2023, and will be a delightful journey from Southampton to Gurnsey.

The upcoming CMCAUK annual meet promises to be an extraordinary gathering, providing alumni with an exclusive opportunity to reconnect, relish shared memories, and create new experiences in a lavish setting. MSC Grandiosa, renowned for its opulence and top-notch amenities, will be the backdrop for this unforgettable occasion.

One of the key highlights of MSC Grandiosa is its expanded public spaces, which have been thoughtfully designed to enhance the overall experience of the guests. Aurea Experience guests, a privileged category of attendees, will have the chance to indulge in flexible dining arrangements and enjoy unlimited drinks in a dedicated restaurant.
The Alumni General Meeting is scheduled to take place at the enchanting Gurnsey, offering a picturesque backdrop for discussions and deliberations. As the CMCAUK annual family meet unfolds, participants can look forward to a harmonious blend of entertainment, and moments of relaxation.

This much-anticipated gathering serves as a testament to the strong bonds and enduring connections shared by the alumni of Calicut Medical College. The event is not only an occasion for merriment but also a platform for fostering professional networks, sharing insights, and contributing to the legacy of excellence associated with Calicut Medical College.

The CMCAUK annual family meet on board MSC Grandiosa promises to be an unforgettable journey of friendship, nostalgia, and celebration. As alumni come together from across the UK, the event is poised to create lasting memories and strengthen the collective spirit of the Calicut Medical College community.