Sruthi UK’s 20th Annual Day Culminates in Cultural Splendour

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Sruthi UK, a distinguished non-profit organisation, has successfully concluded its 20th annual day, a vibrant celebration of Kerala’s rich art, culture, and literature. The event took place at the Queen Margaret’s School for Girls in York on the 6th of April.
Established in 2005 by a group of passionate individuals from Kerala residing in the UK, Sruthi has been actively promoting Kerala’s artistic and literary heritage among the Malayali diaspora in the United Kingdom. Over the years, Sruthi’s annual events have evolved in both quality and popularity, drawing enthusiasts from diverse ethnic backgrounds.
The event showcased a captivating display of cultural prowess, featuring performances in dance, music, and drama by Sruthi’s dedicated members. These individuals, driven by their firm commitment, often travelled long distances to attend rehearsals across various locations in the UK to deliver a high-calibre program.

Surthi’s President set out the Sruthi ambition to learn from the pre-eminent guests and engage in good measure in the Kerala cultural sphere in the years to come.

A notable highlight of this year’s annual day was the presence of two distinguished guests – renowned music director Sri Vidyadharan Master and acclaimed theatre artist Sri Gireesan Sopanam. Sri Vidyadharan Master, with an impressive 60-year career in music composition and playback singing, graced the occasion and lauded Sruthi members for their camaraderie and love for arts and literature.
Adding to the splendour of the event, Sri Gireesan Sopanam, recipient of the Kendra Sangeetha Nataka Academy Award, delivered a soul-stirring solo theatre performance titled ‘Antharyami,’ directed by the venerable Sri Kavalam Narayana Panicker.

Some of the key highlights from the event

Smritilahari: A captivating dance rendition set the perfect tone for the event, choreographed in-house by Sruthi’s talented youth members.
Guest Welcoming: The Secretary welcomed the chief guests, attendees, Sruthi members, and its supporters, while the President outlined Sruthi’s ambition to engage in Kerala’s cultural sphere in the years to come.
Bharatanatyam Performance: An enchanting journey featuring soul-stirring krithis, padams, and vibrant renditions showcased mastery over the form.
Vidyadharan Master’s Performance: The celebrated music director, Vidyadharan Master’s warm personality and the ability to relate a story added flavour to his own sweet rendition of popular songs, poetry and bhajan. Beyond the celebrity and artistic brilliance, we got an insight into Master’s humility and character. Sruthi family gave him a standing ovation.
Bhavaraagam: Sruthi’s musical team presented a unique production orchestrating child and adult singers, and instrumentalists, linking Ragams with Bhaavams. 
Theatre Production: Sruthi’s fully in-house theatre production of ‘Trishanku Lodge’ demonstrated the organisation’s commitment and unwavering dedication poured into it right from conception, scripting, props and lighting.
Naatyaharam: A meticulously executed series of dances immersed the audience in Vidyadharan Master’s masterpieces, much to his delight.
Gireesh Sopanam’s Performance: The acclaimed theatre artist’s single costume act, ‘Antharyami,’ delved into Tagore’s poetry, presenting a journey to self-realisation.
The event concluded with a joyful curtain call by the performers and organisers, followed by an informal interaction with Vidyadharan Master and Gireesh Sopanam, where around 120 attendees joined in.

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