Obituary: In Memory of Priya Arun (1975-2024)

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Priya Arun, born on April 15, 1975, in Bombay, was a remarkable person whose journey touched the hearts of many. She passed away, on 7th January, leaving behind a legacy of warmth, passion, and an indomitable spirit.  Priya’s journey was woven with threads of love, family, and noteworthy professional accomplishments.

Priya pursued her education at the University of Mumbai, graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce. In the year 2000, she embarked on a lifelong journey in the travel industry, where her dedication and entrepreneurial spirit flourished. Priya’s profound love for travel led her to establish Fun Travelz Ltd, a travel company that bore the hallmark of her commitment to making every journey, whether for business or pleasure, a seamless and enjoyable experience for her clients.

As the Founder and Director of Fun Travelz Ltd, Priya exemplified the values of integrity, customer service, and a genuine passion for exploration. Her company, a reflection of her vision, stood as a testament to her unwavering dedication to providing convenience and joy to those who sought her services.

Beyond her professional activities, Priya’s heart resonated with the joy of family. She was a devoted wife to Arun Kannath and a loving mother to her 16-year-old twins, Aarushi and Aaditya. 

In her leisure time, Priya found joy in two of her favorite pursuits: traveling and cooking. Her adventurous spirit manifested not only in her professional life but also in her explorations. Priya enjoyed discovering new places, cultures, and cuisines, leaving an imprint of her zest for life on all who accompanied her on these journeys.

Priya Arun will be remembered for her radiant smile, her love for her family, and her enduring commitment to her professional endeavors. As we bid farewell to a woman whose presence brought light to our lives, let us celebrate and cherish the legacy of love and passion that Priya leaves behind. May her soul find eternal peace.

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