Indian Orthodox Church community in London strengthens bonds with a memorable gathering

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The Indian Orthodox Church in Brockley, London, organised a heartwarming gathering that bridged the generation gap within their community. Senior members of the church joined hands with their younger counterparts, aiming to facilitate interaction among seniors and offer valuable life lessons to the youth. The day was filled with harmonious singing, shared meals, and an overall sense of camaraderie that made it truly enjoyable.
The day commenced with a Holy Qurbana conducted by the Diocesan Metropolitan, HG Abraham Mar Stephanos.

Welcome speech by Mr. K I Thomas

Following a tasty Kerala breakfast, members assembled as Mr. K I Thomas extended a warm welcome to all, with special acknowledgements for the most senior members, the Metropolitan, church vicar, and other priests present as well as church officials

Diocesan Metropolitan, HG Abraham Mar Stephanos

In a keynote address, the Metropolitan looked back to his early days at the church as a vicar, reminiscing about the challenging task of acquiring the property, the first church of the Indian Orthodox community and the mother church Indian Orthodox devotees in the name of Parumala Thirumeny.

The Metropolitan expressed gratitude to God for the strength that enabled him to carry the church forward. His Grace urged everyone to be thankful to God for what they achieved and go forward in good faith.

Fr Nithin Prasad Koshy

Church Vicar Fr Nithin Prasad Koshy delivered the inaugural address.

Bobby Achen

Felicitation speeches were made by Fr Mathew Abraham(Bobby Achen) and Mr Soji T Mathew, Malankara Managing Committee member of the Diocese.

Other priests present at the meeting were Fr Aby Philip Varghese, Fr P J Binu and Fr Mobin Varghese.

The meeting showed a video message by Dr P S Varghese outlining the history of the Indian Orthodox Church UK, as he couldn’t attend the meeting.

Dr. Rebecca Alexander

A touching moment arrived when Dr. Rebecca Alexander took the stage to pay tribute to those who have departed, highlighting their invaluable contributions to the church community.
After a sumptuous lunch, Dr. Sen Varghese, a Consultant Psychiatrist with a particular interest in supporting older patients facing degenerative diseases like Dementia, addressed the meeting. Dr. Varghese shed light on the health issues affecting the community’s elderly members and provided valuable tips to combat these ailments.

The youth members actively engaged with the seniors, organising quizzes and prompting them to share their insights on national and community matters of importance.

Mr K I Thomas, an experienced Physiotherapist, emphasised the importance of seniors staying physically active. He demonstrated some simple daily exercises that seniors could incorporate into their routines to maintain their fitness.

Mr. Mathew Thomas led a session dedicated to appreciating both the senior and youth members, fostering a sense of mutual respect and admiration within the congregation.

The day’s proceedings were brought to a close by Mr. Thomas Koshy, who extended heartfelt thanks to everyone for their participation, making the event a resounding success.

The Indian Orthodox Church’s gathering in Brockley, London, served as a real reminder of the value of inter generational interaction, with the shared goal of preserving traditions, offering guidance, and forging meaningful connections within the community.

Church Vicar Fr. Nithin Prasad Koshy, along with Dr. Rebecca Alexander and Mr. K I Thomas, took the initiative to organise the event.

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