Celebrating the Life of Ramaswamy Kannan (1939 – 2023)

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Ramaswamy Kannan, born in Alleppey, Kerala, in October 1939, passed away on 20th December 2023, leaving behind a legacy of love, laughter, and a life well-lived. He was the youngest of three brothers and four sisters, born into a large and close-knit family. He was affectionately known as Ram Kannan by those who held him dear.

Ram’s early years were rooted in Kerala, where he received his education and spoke Tamil and Malayalam. His pursuit of knowledge led him to Bangalore, where he earned a degree in Electrical Engineering. In 1967, he embraced a new chapter in his life by seizing the opportunity to immigrate and work in the United Kingdom.

Settling in London, he married Sharda in 1972, and the couple began their life together in a modest flat before eventually making their home in Basildon, Essex. Ramaswamy dedicated his professional career to the field of engineering, working with dedication for Plessey, a major electronic company that was later acquired by BAE Systems (formerly British Aerospace).

A diligent and respected employee, Ram was known for his hard work, people skills, and organizational skill. Colleagues admired him for his amiable nature, making him a cherished member of the workplace community. Ram was a passionate Manchester United fan, loved by both supporters and non-supporters alike

Upon retiring, Ram refused to slow down, choosing to channel his energy into part-time work at Basildon Hospital and volunteering for St Luke’s Hospice. Always on the go, he cherished exploring new places, kept abreast of current events through newspapers, enjoyed challenging himself with sudoku, and maintained connections with an extensive network of relatives and friends.

Known for his warm, kind-hearted and easygoing nature, Ram was a well-beloved figure to all who knew him. His love for children was evident in the joy he found in being silly, playing, and engaging with them at their level. His marriage to Sharda was a union that brought forth three beautiful and loving daughters, as well as the joy of four grandchildren.

 May he rest in eternal peace, surrounded by the love he so freely gave during his remarkable journey through life.

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