Petition: Justice for Jerald – Kerala community must unite in seeking justice for Jerald Netto

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Kerala-born Jerald’s Tragic Death Sparks Community Outcry for Reform

In a heart-wrenching turn of events, the Kerala community is demanding justice for Jerald Netto, a beloved member tragically taken from them. Jerald’s untimely demise, resulting from a callous act of violence, has spurred his family and supporters to advocate for change in the justice system.
The incident, which occurred in Hanwell in Ealing, West London in 2023, saw a 62-year-old Jerald succumb to injuries inflicted by a 16-year-old assailant. The perpetrator, now 17, admitted to manslaughter and has been sentenced to a 24-month detention and training order. However, the leniency of the sentence and subsequent bail conditions have left Jeralad’s family feeling betrayed by the justice system.

Calls for Reform: Lenient Sentence Sparks Uproar

Jerald’s daughter, Jennifer, has launched a petition urging for stricter bail conditions for young offenders, citing the perpetrator’s repeated breaches and the perceived lack of accountability. 
Jennifer emphasizes the need for legal reforms that prioritize the rights of victims and their families. She asserts that current laws often fail to address the gravity of crimes committed by young offenders, perpetuating a cycle of impunity and injustice.

Community Mourns a Loss

Described as a “good soul” by his loved ones, Jeralad Netto’s passing has left a profound void in the Kerala community. His contributions as an electrician and his selfless acts of kindness endeared him to many, making his loss all the more devastating.
Jerald’s widow, Ligin Netto, now shoulders the responsibility of caring for her elderly mother-in-law in the absence of her husband’s support. The family’s grief is compounded by their frustration with a justice system that they perceive as failing to deliver adequate retribution for their loss.

A Push for Change

As the community mourns the loss of one of its own, the campaign for justice gains momentum. With support pouring in from all corners, advocates are pushing for legislative reforms that prioritize the rights of victims and hold perpetrators accountable for their actions.
Local MP Virendra Sharma has been contacted to take up the matter with the Home Secretary and Justice Secretary. Unfortunately, he is abroad travelling for Parliamentary matters. However, his office has assured the community that the issue will be raised at the earliest opportunity upon his return.
The Kerala community must unite in seeking justice for Jerald Netto, resolved to ensure that his legacy kindles transformative reforms within the UK legal system.

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