UK New Immigration Laws: Seminar by Indian Overseas Congress (UK) – Kerala Chapter; Legal Experts to Address Concerns

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The Indian Overseas Congress (IOC), (UK) – Kerala Chapter is organising ‘NiyamaSadass”, a seminar on UK Immigration laws on February 25th, Sunday, at 1:30 PM.
Prominent legal experts from the UK and members of the IOC (UK) Kerala Chapter will participate in this seminar.
Pravasi Legal Cell – Kerala Chapter President, Mrs. Sonia Sunny, will conduct the keynote address at the “NiyamaSadass” seminar, providing detailed insights into immigration laws and related matters in the UK.
The seminar, conducted via the online platform Zoom, aims to provide detailed explanations of the latest immigration laws in the UK, addressing doubts and concerns regarding the new amendments in the laws related to study, work, and recent changes in the UK immigration laws.
In light of the importance and relevance of the subject, the seminar welcomes participants from all walks of life, including students, professionals, and those interested in legal matters. The event is structured to ensure easy comprehension and to benefit individuals seeking detailed information on the recent changes in UK immigration laws.
Participants can join the seminar via the Zoom link below:

For further details contact:

Appachan Kannanchira: +44 7737 956977
Romy Kuriakos: +44 7776646163
Jennifer Joy: +44 7791 354511
Aji George: +44 7587 833790
Adv. Bibin Bobachan: +44 7442 547939

Event date: Sunday 25th February, at 1:30 PM via Zoom