St. George’s Indian Orthodox Church in London to Celebrate Perunnal from May 4th to 12th

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The St. George’s Indian Orthodox Church in London is to observe the remembrance of St George (Geevarghese Sahada), the Patron Saint of the Church, from May 4th to 12th.

The festival will be led by Diocesan Bishop, Abraham Mar Stephanos Metropolitan.

St. George’s Indian Orthodox Church, located at the Guild Church of St. Margaret Pattens in the heart of the City of London, is a place of worship for Indian Orthodox community believers in and around London.

As part of the festivities, under the auspices of the Parish Youth Movement, an online competition titled “Memorial Quiz,” will take place on May 4th dedicated to the late lamented Dr. Thomas Mar Makarios Metropolitan, first Diocesan Bishop of the Indian Orthodox Church, UK, Europe and Africa.

The Perunnal festivities will start with the official inauguration on May 5th with flag hoisting and prayers.

On Saturday, May 11th, starting at 6 PM, Bishop Abraham Mar Stephanos Thirumeni will lead the evening prayer. The evening will feature various programs including hymns, recitations, blessings, and opportunities for fellowship.

The culminating day of the festival, May 12th, will witness Bishop Abraham Mar Stephanos Thirumeni leading the morning prayers from 8:30 AM onwards. This will be followed by Holy Qurbana and a colourful religious procession through the streets around the church. This tradition serves as the church’s outreach to the community, symbolising a bond of faith and tradition.

The day will conclude with awards presented to various spiritual organisations, the honouring of senior members, and the distribution of tokens of appreciation.

Father P. G. Binu, the Vicar of the church, emphasised that the festival aims to celebrate the sacred remembrance of St. Geevarghese Sahada, the Patron Saint of the Church.

The Prunnal Festival, a tradition held by the St. George’s Orthodox Church, has garnered immense popularity among the Indian Orthodox community, reflecting a shared sense of faith and tradition.

For further details:
Fr. Binu P. G. (Vicar) +44 7448 976 144
Varghese Mathai (Trustee) +44 7715 557 016
Eldose Jacob (Secretary) +44 7846 284 986
Jisho Joseph (Convenor) +44 7487 671 256

St. Margaret Pattens Church
Rood Lane, Eastcheap
London, EC3M 1HS

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