Rajesh Krishna Embarks on a 20,000-Kilometer London to Kerala Roadtrip for Charity

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Rajesh Krishna, a passionate explorer, has set out on an ambitious mission: Rajesh is driving more than 20,000 kilometers from London, UK, to Kerala, India, passing through 75 cities in 55 days, all for a noble cause – to raise funds for the Ryan Ninan Children’s Charity (RNCC).

Rajesh’s epic London to Kerala Cross Country Roadtrip commenced on July 25, 2023. Embarking from the UK, Rajesh will traverse through Europe, cross into Turkey, drive through Iran and China, before finally entering the north of India and making his way down the entire subcontinent to reach his home in Kerala. While Rajesh will predominantly travel solo, he will also be joined by friends, politicians, and celebrities who support RNCC at designated points of interest, adding an exciting dimension to the expedition.

This road trip is not just about crossing borders and barriers; it’s about forging new relations of love, peace, brotherhood, and solidarity,” said Rajesh, brimming with enthusiasm. 

The true essence of this expedition lies in its humanitarian cause. The driving force behind this remarkable journey is to create awareness about childhood cancer and to extend support to organizations working for the welfare of children facing life-threatening illnesses.

RNCC, founded in May 2014 in memory of Ryan Ninan, who lost his battle with Pontine Glioma, a type of brain tumor, is dedicated to supporting children with cancer and providing them with essential care. Globally, more than 300,000 children are diagnosed with cancer each year, and every three minutes, a family somewhere in the world hears the devastating news of their child’s cancer diagnosis. While survival rates have improved for many childhood cancer types, there remains a pressing need for ongoing support to enhance the quality of life for these young patients.

Rajesh’s journey aims to raise funds for RNCC to assist in the treatment and care of children suffering from cancer, particularly brain tumors, or those in need of rehabilitation due to such illnesses. The charity provides essential advice, funding, and support to young patients, ensuring they receive the best possible care and support during their challenging times.

Ryan Ninan Children’s Charity’s mission expands beyond geographical boundaries, mirroring Ryan’s benevolence beyond life. It was his fervent wish to set up a charity and raise funds for other children in need.

The charity focuses on supporting institutions like Helen House Hospice, Ian Rennie Nursing Team, and children undergoing treatment at the Regional Cancer Centre in Trivandrum, India.

To learn more about RNCC and how you can contribute to their noble cause, visit their website at http://www.rncc.org.uk/.