Inspiring Global Impact from Humble Beginnings: Asheer Rahman’s Journey of Determination and Change

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One’s ability to drive meaningful changes is often attributed to background, education, and privileges. The narrative that one needs a silver spoon to effect meaningful change in the world is challenged by Asheer Rahman, a living embodiment of the idea that impactful change doesn’t require privilege. This narrative is frequently characterized and reserved for as a problem of people who are white and middle class.’ However, Asheer Rahman challenges these stereotypes, offering a powerful testament to the idea that impactful change does not hinge on a silver spoon. Raised in the humble village of Vazhakkad in Kerala, Asheer’s journey embodies the transformative power of determination and impact-driven entrepreneurship.

He served as a product and project lead at Mark Labs, New York, where he participated in the Fintech Innovation Lab in New York. He worked on streamlining stewardship engagement with asset managers and owners, thereby increasing ESG and SDG values. Additionally, he has experience working as an ESG consultant at ESG Regulatory Solutions. Rahman’s wide-ranging experience also extends to mechanical engineering, where he served as an MEP project engineer and a mechanical design engineer

In a bold move, Asheer left a secure project management job for low-paid internships, recognizing the inevitability of addressing climate issues threatening his family and community. Subsequently, he founded Karbonic, a pioneering solution in the carbon credit trading industry, addressing issues like greenwashing and traceability. Beyond Karbonic, Asheer’s commitment to positive change extends to ventures like Impactroots, UK Genicx, HKX Capital, and Net Zero Now, all bound by a common thread of sustainability and community impact.

What distinguishes Asheer is his vision for a greener future that transcends traditional boardroom and profit margin boundaries. Karbonic, in particular, aspires to be a platform supporting global South project developers in need of funding, aiming to offset carbon emissions and to foster global community development. His diverse portfolio spanning financial services, construction, technology, and health showcases not just expertise but an unwavering commitment to holistic impact.

Despite these challenges, he co-founded Wind Initials in 2015, providing free education to marginalized students in his community. The impact of this initiative is evident today, with numerous students having achieved professional success. However, financial constraints compelled Asheer to make the bold decision to migrate to the UK, temporarily setting aside his dreams for community development.

Asheer’s influence expanded globally as he led the Middle East Investor delegation, orchestrating a £150M deal commitment and showcasing his prowess in building impactful collaborations. Recognition from governments, including the Indian government’s acknowledgment of Karbonic, further solidifies Asheer’s ventures as forces for positive change.

In conclusion, Asheer Rahman’s remarkable journey stands as a powerful inspiration, debunking the notion that only individuals with privileged backgrounds can create significant impacts. His story is a testament to the profound importance of impact investing and socially committed businesses. Asheer’s journey, from the humble classrooms of a government school to presenting a groundbreaking paper on the Yanagi model at an Ivy League university, underscores the belief that true change-makers can emerge from any background. This indeed serves as a rallying call for dreamers and doers alike, emphasizing that the transformative power of determination knows no socio-economic boundaries, and the pursuit of impact-driven entrepreneurship holds the key to shaping a more sustainable and inclusive future for all.