Fayis Asraf Ali’s Epic Cycling Journey from Kerala to London – Promoting Peace, Health, and Net Zero Emissions

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Meet Fayis Asraf Ali, an engineer from Kerala, South India, who is cycling from India to London, spreading a message of peace, health, and zero carbon emissions. 

Fayis embarked on an ambitious global cycling adventure and pedaled through 1,000 destinations across 36 countries and two continents in just 450 days, covering over 30,000 kilometers (around 18,640 miles). His goal was to set an exemplary record and inspire the younger generation. “I want to leave my signature behind,” Fayis passionately stated.

Honored in East London
In East London, Fayis was honored at a welcome event supported by the JoyAlukkas Group. His dedication to cycling, whether for commuting, fitness, or competition, is truly inspiring. He demonstrated perseverance, environmental stewardship, and a commitment to health and wellness. Attendees thanked him for being part of a global community promoting sustainable and healthy lifestyles.

 The event was attended by Member of Parliament Sir Stephen Timms, Councillors Lakmini Shah, Simon Rush, Lewis Godfrey of East London, and Regional Manager Mr. Jojan Thomas.

Navigating Challenges
Although Fayis could have reached Turkey by crossing Pakistan and Iran, he opted for a longer route via the Gulf due to visa issues related to strained relations between India and Pakistan.

Fayis, previously an electronic engineer in Saudi Arabia, made a life-changing decision in 2015 when he learned of his father’s critical cardiac condition. He devoted his time to care for his father until his last days. Three years later, in 2018, after his father passed away, Fayis, who had been diagnosed with a serious but less critical health condition, bought a bicycle to start his journey.

Finding Purpose Through Cycling
Fayis’ motivation to cycle began when his wife secured university admission 250 kilometers away from their home. At age 30, he started visiting her in Karnataka by bicycle. This helped him overcome his introverted nature, developed during his father’s illness. Cycling gave him a new sense of purpose, replacing feelings of uselessness caused by unemployment and his father’s loss. He found hope in cycling from India to the world.

Overcoming Hardships
When asked about the hardships faced during his expedition, Fayis mentioned the scorching heat of the Gulf Arabian region. However, except for Oman, he encountered no significant obstacles as he wisely chose to travel between September and December, benefiting from favorable weather conditions.

Memorable Moments in Turkey
Fayis recounted a memorable moment in Türkiye, where he stayed with a Turkish family in Sakarya. A man he met in a mosque invited him to their home for dinner and an overnight stay. Language barriers were bridged using Google Translate, allowing them to connect.

Continuing the Journey
Upon his arrival in Turkey, Fayis expressed heartfelt gratitude for the love and support he received from locals throughout his extraordinary journey. While in Istanbul for a week, Fayis’ wife joined him to explore the city that connects two continents. Afterward, he continued his journey to Greece and ultimately London.

Spreading a Message
Fayis’ mission revolves around promoting peace and zero carbon emissions, emphasizing that cycling is a human-powered, fuel-free mode of transportation. He encourages youngsters to follow his example, proving that passion and determination can help anyone achieve their goals.

As Fayis continues his remarkable journey, he leaves a trail of inspiration and a powerful message for the world, demonstrating that an individual’s determination can lead to extraordinary achievements while promoting a healthier and more sustainable future.