7 Beats Music Festival Rises to New Heights at Welwyn Civic Center, Offering a Vibrant Cultural Experience

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The 7 Beats Sangeetholsavam, renowned for its mix of dance, music, and visual arts, is considered a pinnacle event for Malayalee art enthusiasts in the UK. This year, the festival raised the bar yet again as it shifted to a new venue, the Welwyn Civic Center in Hertfordshire, situated at Prospect Place, Welwyn. 

The event also paid the UK’s biggest musical tribute to ONV drawing attendees from far and wide. The move to the Welwyn Civic Center not only provided a fresh backdrop for the festivities but also aligned seamlessly with the festival’s ethos of inclusivity, offering free entry to all participants.

The stage presenters delivered their exceptional skill from beginning to end. Vinya Raj from Luton, Pappan from Salisbury and Jishma Merry from London showcased their expertise with finesse. Their expert introductions and seamless coordination ensured a flawless execution of the programs throughout the event.

In partnership with Sargam Stevenage, the festival showcased over 60 programs on stage, spotlighting the talents of numerous young artists and cultural icons from Kerala. Beyond its celebration of music and art, the festival continued its tradition of charitable endeavours, raising funds to support underprivileged families in Kerala through initiatives such as a charity raffle.

Distinguished guests, including Stevenage Mayor Councilor Myla Arcino, and noted social activist and entrepreneur Shainu Claire Mathews, graced the occasion, emphasising the event’s significance in the community.

The event, organized by a dedicated team led by Jomon Mammoottil along with Sunnymon Mathai, Cllr Dr Sivakumar, Manoj Thomas, and Appachan Kannanchira, received widespread acclaim on social media. Attendees praised the performances, ambiance, and delicious Kerala food.

Additionally, the unveiling of the teaser for the upcoming movie “Behind,” directed by Jinson Iritty and featuring songs by renowned playback singer G Venugopal, added an extra layer of excitement to the evening.

During the event, Swaram Magazine paid homage to ONV Kurup by unveiling a special edition, featuring contributions from K J Yesudas, Perumbadavam Sridharan, Jayakumar IAS, Ravi Menon, and other dignitaries. The highlight of this commemorative issue is a special interview showcasing insights from M T Vasudevan Nair, ONV Kurup, M M Basheer and M P Muhammad on the masterpiece Ujjayani. The unveiling ceremony was conducted by Swaram Magazine Editor, Dr. Sivakumar, together with his wife Simi.

Overall, the 7 Beats Music Festival at the Welvyn Civic Center proved to be a resounding success, showcasing a vibrant cultural experience that left a lasting impression on attendees and participants alike.

Continuing the tradition from previous years, distinguished members of the Malayalee community were celebrated at the event. This year, Paul John, Shainu Claire Mathews, Linda Sarju, and Rashmi Prakash Rajesh were acknowledged for their remarkable contributions to their professions and charitable causes. Scroll through the photos below to glimpse these esteemed individuals.

View the photos below to catch a glimpse of the honoured individuals.

Paul John was awarded the Best Solicitors Firm Award for excellence in the legal field and for his outstanding and loyal service.
Shainu Claire Mathews was presented with an award in recognition of her excellence and contributions in the political, social, humanitarian, and entrepreneurial fields
Linda Sarju was honoured with the award in recognition of her achievement of the National NHS Chief Nursing Officer Award, the highest honour in emergency service.
Rashmi Prakash Rajesh was awarded in recognition of her outstanding contributions to literature, including essays, poetry, and novels, as well as her receipt of the Pala Narayanan Nair Award.