Two Malayalees Contesting UK Parliamentary Elections

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For the first time in UK history, two Malayalees have been officially nominated by their respective parties to contest in the parliamentary elections. While Punjabi and Gujarati communities have long been active in national politics with several MPs, this marks the first official foray for the Malayalee community.

Eric Sukumaran and Sojan Joseph have been nominated by the Conservative and Labour parties respectively. 

Eric Sukumaran: Conservative Candidate for Southgate and Wood Green

Eric Sukumaran, a renewable energy entrepreneur and specialist in international development, has been selected as the Conservative Party candidate for the constituency of Southgate and Wood Green in London. If elected, he would become the first person of Malayalee origin to sit in the British House of Commons.

Eric, educated at the University of Oxford and the University of Pennsylvania, has a wealth of experience from both the private sector and international institutions. He has served as a civil servant, working on projects including high-speed rail, integrating health and social care, international climate treaties, and Brexit negotiations. His career also includes a tenure at the World Bank, where he focused on economic development and climate-related assistance across Africa. Additionally, Eric runs a renewable energy development and advisory business in the UK and internationally. He is committed to supporting local businesses, preserving Britain’s green spaces, and ensuring solutions to reduce emissions do not burden taxpayers.

Born to Joni Sukumaran of Attingal and Anita Sukumaran of Varkala, Eric grew up in northeast London and frequently visited family and friends in Southgate and Wood Green. After studying and working in the US, Singapore, and New York, where he met his wife Lindsay, Eric returned to the UK 14 years ago.

Expressing his connection to the area, Eric said, “Southgate and Wood Green is a wonderful and diverse place that I’ve known with great fondness since childhood. I am touched and honoured to be the Conservative candidate.”

Shyamala Lennon, Chair of Southgate and Wood Green Conservatives, praised Eric’s extensive experience and practical ideas, emphasizing his commitment to winning the voters’ trust after being let down by the current Labour MP and Council.

Sojan Joseph: Labour Candidate for Ashford

Sojan Joseph has been selected as the Labour Party candidate for Ashford. Having moved to Ashford in 2002, Sojan has made it his home with his wife and three children. A dedicated mental health nurse with 22 years of service in the NHS, Sojan currently serves as Head of Nursing, Quality, and Patient Safety.

Sojan’s career began at the Arundel unit in the William Harvey Hospital as a junior nurse. He has pursued numerous academic qualifications, culminating in a master’s in Health Care Leadership. His extensive experience in the NHS has given him deep insights into the issues that matter most to the people.

Driven by a desire to develop practical solutions through collaboration and innovation, Sojan believes the MP for Ashford should be visible and actively address local issues such as improving access to GP, dental, and hospital services, repairing potholes, revitalizing the town center, and bringing back Ashford International.

Sojan’s priorities as a Labour MP align with the broader mission of the Labour government, including:

Rebuilding the NHS: Improving access to mental health services, quicker access to GP and dentistry services, reducing NHS waiting times, utilizing technology for early diagnosis and treatments, and collaborating with social care for safe hospital discharges.
Making safer streets: Increasing neighborhood policing, preventing youth crime, tackling violence against women and girls, and reforming the police and criminal justice system.
Breaking down barriers to opportunity: Supporting families with modern childcare systems, establishing breakfast clubs in every primary school, increasing the number of teachers, enhancing the curriculum with digital and speaking skills, and providing more apprenticeships.
Creating a long-term plan for sustainable and affordable clean energy: Establishing publicly owned Great British Energy, creating a national wealth fund, achieving clean power by 2030, and ensuring warmer homes.
Supporting economic growth and stability: Working with local government to revitalize Ashford town, improving transport infrastructure, and creating opportunities for new businesses.

This historic election marks a significant milestone for the Malayalee community in the UK, showcasing our increasing involvement and representation in national politics.

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