Triple lockdown in Thiruvananthapuram; The city will be closed, including the secretariat

Triple Lockdown has been announced for a week in Thiruvananthapuram Corporation in case of outbreaks of contact through contact. The regulations will be in effect from 6am on Monday. The city will be completely closed as part of the triple lockdown. No one should be released unnecessarily. Government offices and institutions, including the Secretariat, are not functioning.
The police headquarters will function. The cases will not be considered in the courts of the district for a week. Emergency issues, including bail, will also be considered online. Medical shops and shops selling essential essentials are only allowed to open. There will be no public transit. All hospitals will work.

COVID patients: India third in world

India now ranks third in the world as the number of COVID patients has reached 6.95 lakh, compared to 6.81 lakh in Russia. India’s death toll is twice that of Russia’s. In Russia, 10,161 people died, compared to 20,000 in India.
The United States (29.52 lakh) and Brazil (15.78 lakh) are the top two countries with most number of COVID patients. 

One more COVID death; Businessman dies in Ernakulam

COVID death again in Kerala, taking the total number of people died in the state to 26. The deceased has been identified as Yousuf Saifuddin, 66, a businessman resident of Thoppumpady. 
He had contracted the disease through contacts from the Ernakulam market. His wife, son and daughter-in-law have been diagnosed with the disease. He was admitted to the Kalamassery Medical College Hospital on June 28. Pneumonia was severely affected by his lungs and kidney functions. He also has diabetes.

India’s COVID Vaccine won’t be ready this year

COVAXIN, India’s COVID immunity vaccine will not be available this year. Earlier, it was reported that India’s indigenous vaccine would be released on August 15. However, the Ministry of Science and Technology said that it would not be available before 2021.
Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) Director-General Dr Bharat Biotech participated in the experiment by recommending that the vaccine be released by August 15. The letter sent by Balram Bhargav is controversial. Six Indian companies working with ICMR and CSIR research firms are trying to vaccinate. COVAXIN is currently undergoing testing on humans. 
The ICMR has set a deadline to release the vaccine without even granting approval for phase III trials. COVID virus, isolated from ICMR’s Pune National Institute of Virology, was received by Bharat Biotech in Hyderabad on May 9. The ICMR said it would take at least six months to develop the vaccine. The various stages of testing need to be completed. Even though the vaccine is being developed, the drug controller’s testing must be completed to make it available in the market. Clinicians have unquestionably timed the question of researchers and health experts.

Globally, more than 140 projects worldwide are known to be actively developing a vaccine for coronavirus. Almost 20 are already testing on humans, two of which are here in the UK.

30kg gold found in a diplomatic bag at Thiruvananthapuram shipped to UAE consul

Huge gold haul arrived in Thiruvananthapuram airport two days ago on from Emirates flight arriving Air Cargo Customs seized 30 kg of gold worth Rs. The gold was concealed in a cylinder in an air compressor found in the box. As it was a diplomatic bag, the customs department obtained permission from the central government and the bag was checked in the presence of the consul. 
Reports say the customs had a confidential tip-off about the consignment. 

The previous big gold racket at the Thiruvananthapuram airport was the 25k gold seized in 2019.