Redbridge Celebrates South Asian Heritage Month with Vibrant KALA Dance Performance and Kerala Mural Art Exhibition

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As South Asian Heritage Month unfolds from Tuesday, 18 July, to Thursday, 17 August, Redbridge residents have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of South Asian cultures, histories, and communities. This month-long celebration aims to deepen the understanding of the diverse heritage that connects the UK with South Asia, fostering cultural appreciation and unity.

With the 2023 theme being ‘Stories to Tell,’ the focus is on encouraging individuals to share their personal narratives, allowing for an exploration of what it means to be South Asian in the 21st century.

Redbridge Libraries is proud to contribute to this momentous occasion by hosting a series of captivating events and activities. Among the highlights is the traditional ‘Thiruvathira’ dance workshop, originating from Kerala, the southern state of India. Participants of all ages will have the opportunity to experience the energy and grace of this ancient group dance, performed during joyous festivities in Kerala.

KALA, the Kerala Arts and Literary Association, a registered UK charity dedicated to promoting Kerala’s arts and literature, will conduct the workshop, offering expert guidance and insight. Families with children aged 6+ and all interested adults are welcome to participate in this captivating dance showcase.

 Event Details: Kerala Group Dance (Thiruvathira) Workshop

  • Date: Saturday, 22 July
  • Venue: Redbridge Central Library
  • Time: 11 am – 12 pm
  • Admission: Free (First come, first served basis)

The celebration continues with an extraordinary exhibition on Kerala Mural Art (Chuvar Chitram), an awe-inspiring ancient art form adorning temple walls in southern India. These murals depict captivating stories from Indian mythology, inviting attendees to delve into the magic of this centuries-old tradition. The interactive workshop will teach participants the techniques to create their own masterpieces.

Once again, the workshop will be led by KALA, whose volunteers are passionate about spreading awareness of Kerala’s artistic legacy.

Event Details: Kerala Mural Art (Chuvar Chitram) Workshop

  • Date: Saturday, 22 July
  • Venue: Redbridge Central Library, 
  • Time: 2 pm – 3 pm
  • Admission: Free (First come, first served basis)

Both events promise a fascinating exploration of South Asian heritage, providing a platform for cultural exchange and fostering a deeper appreciation of the eight countries that make up the region: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Maldives, and Sri Lanka.

Redbridge residents are encouraged to join in these enriching workshops and activities, celebrating the cherished cultural bonds that connect the UK with South Asia. For more information, visit to learn more about KALA’s dedication to promoting Kerala’s arts and literature.

Redbridge Library is at Clements Road, Ilford, Essex, IG1 1EA