A senior delegation from Israel’s Defense Research and Development is set to depart for India on Sunday to meet up with their Indian counterpart to finalise an “under one-minute Coronavirus test”.

The two teams will conduct wide-scale testing using advanced technology, including techniques that are expected to allow the diagnosis of the coronavirus within a minute, which would allow for the chain of infection to be cut earlier and prevent people from going into isolation unnecessarily. 

During the next 10 days Israeli scientists plan to test the newly developed ‘under one-minute check for coronavirus’ on tens of thousands of confirmed coronavirus patients, a number of patients that would be difficult to reach in Israel in a short time. The Indian government has designated 100 professionals to support the Israeli effort and many dozens more to build testing zones to be operated by Indians and Israelis.

According to the Jersusalem Post the delegation plans to test four different technologies for detecting coronavirus: sound waves, breathalyzers based on teraherz waves, isothermic identification and checking polyamino acids. The sound wave testing is based on findings that coronavirus patients’ voices change in the early stages of the illness.

The Israeli delegation of 20 people will be led by Israeli Ambassador to India Ron Malka and Military Attaché to India Col. Asaf Meller, as well as Prof. Nati Keller, an infectious diseases expert from Sheba Medical Center and Itai Gordon, head of the Health Ministry’s innovation department. Israel’s Defense Research representatives will join them, as will engineers and developers from private sector companies that had developed the new technologies.