Henosis – Ecumenical Youth Conference in London

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The youth wing of the St. Gregorios Indian Orthodox Church, London is inviting all youths of oriental Orthodox tradition to a day long conference titled as Henosis, meaning unity. 

The participants will have the chance to discuss and debate various secular & spiritual topics and issues. In addition, there will be various fun activities and enjoy
some delicious food, and join hands in collective worship to inspire and strengthen our faith.

This is a great opportunity to come together as a community and learn from each other’s experiences, as well as make new friends from different walks of life!

Program Details
Date & Time: Saturday 29th April 2023 (8 am 6:30pm)

Location : St Gregorios Indian Orthodox Church, Cranfield Road, London, SE4 1UF.

Audience : Youth (aged 16+) from the Oriental Orthodox churches

Theme : Ephesians 4 (with focus on verses 3 & 13)

Registration fee : £5 (+ £1.13 booking fee taken by Eventbrite)

To Register CLICK HERE (Via Eventbrite)


Henosis- Invitation letter

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