Lata’s secret romance has reached her mother Rupa and she will take action to make this unsuitable boy away from Lata. Rupa is a determined lady and wouldn’t give up until a suitable boy was found for her daughter.

Episode 1 of A Suitable Boy,  an adaptation of Vikram Seth’s classic novel, started on BBC 1 yesterday, with a colourful celebration of Lata’s sister’s wedding and enjoyment of Holi.

Who is that boy with Lata? Rupa will definitely want to know more about this in the next episode BBC 1 on Sunday 2nd August. But Lata has met a handsome student and cricket player at her University – a thoroughly unsuitable boy: Kabir, a Muslim. There were Hindu-Muslim conflicts after a temple is built next to a centuries-old mosque and the police opened fire and killed some of the protesters. 

Viewers were quick to add their responses on social media.  

@Anita_Sal: Anyone who’s read #ASuitableBoy will know it’s not easy to condense a deeply rich story into 6 episodes. So much to tell with the parallel stories of lots of characters interwoven with a tense political backdrop. But the episode got stronger. The last twenty minutes were superb.

Raj Kaur Bilkhu @Journo_Raj  #ASuitableBoy on @BBCOne is pure class.A beautiful tribute to a remarkable book about love,faith politics & culture told with mesmerising music,poetry & lavish production. Great casting with likes of Tabu,Vinay Pathak,Ram Kapoor and Randeep Hooda. Finally a TV show worth watching!

Some viewers think the drama should have been in Hindi with subtitles.
@AminaRAli  #ASuitableBoy  is feeling a little inauthentic with all the english speaking. I can’t help but feel like it would have been better in Mother tongue with English subtitles.

@priya_uk  Think this would have been better if it was all in Hindi with subtitles #ASuitableBoy 

The drama is now available on BBC iPlayer. Next episode on Sunday 2nd August at 9 pm.