Fraudsters are carrying out sophisticated phone scams claiming to be from HMRC. These calls are getting increasingly convincing as they can spoof the calls to show HMRC’s actual number on your mobile.
If you’ve received a call or voicemail, saying you haven’t paid the outstanding tax bill, this is a scam.
These callers are usually very aggressive and demand payment straight away. The also threaten that the police will arrest them if you do not pay.
There has been an increase in these type calls recently, which prompted UK Malayalee councillors, ex-councillors and previous councillor candidates to issue a joint warning to the community members.
Newham Councillor Sugathan Thekkeppurayil, who issued a statement together with Dr. Omana Gangadharan, Manju Shaul- Hameed, Tom Aditya, Philip Abraham, Baiju Thittala
James Chiriyankandathu, Varghese Ignatius, Jose Alexander, Sajish Tom, Roy Stephen, Jose Joseph and Lido George, warned Malayalees to be cautious and not to be a victim of these scammers.
If you receive a call from someone claiming to be from HMRC, just hang up.
HMRC will never call you from its enquiry line or switchboard number. They will never ask you for your bank details or to pay money over the phone.